29 April 2023

Questions you should never ask an escort

The world of paid love is still considered taboo, yet remains intriguing for many. However, when meeting an escort, it is important to be mindful of the questions you ask - no matter how much sex work may excite your fantasies. Don't let unhealthy curiosity ruin your date!


Questions You Should Never Ask An Escort



#1 Guilt-inducing


Why such a smart and pretty girl has to work like this? 

But you have any plan B, right?


These questions imply that there is something inherently wrong or undignified about working in the sex industry. Remember that despite all the stigma around it,  escort's job is just that - a job.  While people often view it as a last resort or a choice made out of a lack of better options, many sex workers find their career fulfilling. Instead of making assumptions about an escort's motivations or values, focus on their individual experience and perspective.


#2 Other Clients


Do you have someone famous visiting you? 


Keep in mind that discretion is one of the most important aspects of the relationship between an escort and her clients, especially high-profile ones. It is essential for companions to keep their work private and confidential, as discussing clients can harm the reputation of both. If the escort is easily persuaded to gossip, it should be a red flag for you.


#3 Money


How much money can you make per month ? 

Hope that you're not spending all the money on shoes?


Money is a sensitive subject, and it is generally not well-received to ask for a discount or inquire about income... Your escort's finances are her own business, and she has the right to spend her salary as she sees fit. It is not your place to lecture or advise her in this matter (unless you are asked to do so). If you don't want to make her feel uncomfortable or offended, better steer the conversation towards her interests, recently seen movies, or other safer topics.


#4 Too personal


What is your real name? Do you have kids? Or a boyfriend? Does he know? 

What was the worst thing that happened to you at this job?


As I already mentioned, discretion is crucial, as well as respecting the rules and boundaries. In our society, both the use and provision of sexual services are stigmatized. Sex workers, in particular, may be endangered by revealing personal information. Therefore, do not insist on your escort disclosing their real name, nor inquire about details of their private life. Doing so is impolite and unnecessary, and may even trigger feelings of threat in the other person. Also asking someone to recall memories of traumatic events or their worst experiences to satisfy your curiosity is simply unfair.


#5 Offer of a lifetime (together)


Would you let me take you out for dinner or coffee tomorrow... but you know, privately?


Perhaps I will disappoint you, but having great conversations, great sex, and feeling like you may have found your soulmate in an unconventional way doesn't necessarily mean you can hope for more. There is a much higher probability that your escort is simply a great professional. In such a case, it is worth showing gratitude with a tip, not with a proposition that could be seen as troublesome rather than complimentary. Unlike what's shown in movies, escorts are not waiting for a fairy tale prince to rescue them from their current existence and offer them a life by their side. Sex workers are often satisfied with their lives, and sometimes have relationships in their private lives as well.



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