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Marvelous Bettie Golden 

Personal Best Time Provider

I usually can get ready to travel within 24h, but it's better idea to make  reservation for a few days before the flight.

When you choose "Fly Me To You" option (Europe/Worldwide), remember that travel costs, hotel reservation and other expenses during my stay are on you.

I'll buy the tickets by myself, as soon as I recive money for thi,s purpose. Before that, you can search for the flights on your own  just notice, that economy  class is ok, but I won't travel with cheap airlines (unless there's  no other option).

Minimum booking time is 10h , deposit is 20% of the meeting cost, you'll find in my price list.

Bookings for other cities in Poland


You can also invite me to any city in Poland - if I can get there by train or plane. Minimum booking time is 2h, deposit takes 20% of the meeting cost.

So if you wish you could have some fun with me, but you're living abroad, visiting Warsaw is not your plan, and it's not much likely to see me on tour in your city - you can simply invite me!

Fly me to you

Please remember, that there's no possibility to return to you the tickets costs, even if you cancel the meeting in good time.

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