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Fly Me To You


When you wish to have some fun with me, but you're living abroad, visiting Warsaw is not in your plans, and it's rather unlikely that I'm gonna be on tour in your town - you can invite me anyway!


Usually I can get ready to travel in 24h, but it's good idea to make this kind of reservation for a 72h before my flight.


When you choosing a "Fly Me To You" option, take the notice, that travel costs, hotel reservation and other expenses during my stay are on you.


To pay for my travel (always there and back): find a flight on the Internet (economy class is ok, but cheap airlines - not!), then send me details and money for the ticket (with a bank transfer).


Minimum reservation is 12h plus 200EUR as a bonus for the time I'll spend trevelling to you.  Deposit takes always 20% of total meeting cost.


If you will have to cancel your reservation, you can do it the latest for a 48h before - deposit will be moved to your next booking. 

Plaese remember, that there's no possibility to return to you the ticket costs!



Reservation rules for meetings in Poland (outside of Warsaw)


You can also invite me to any city in Poland - if I can get there by train or plane.


  • Minimum booking is 2h

  • When our meeting ends between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM (10-19:00) - only travel costs (there and back) and expenses are on you

  • When our meeting ends between 7:00 PM and 10:00 AM (19-10:00) - not only travel costs and expenses are on you, but you will also have to book a room in the hotel (4-5*), that would be only for my use 

  • deposit takes 20% of total meeting cost

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