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Marvelous Bettie Golden 

Personal Best Time Provider

I always take care about the quality and uniqueness of every single date. It costs me a lot of time and effort to adjust to individual expectations of each client, then it is simply unfair to call off our meeting in the last moment.

Deposits protects me also from all the time wasters and scammers. From what I observed, the real and interested man won't see a problem in confirming his reservation this way - especially that he can stay anonymous.

Why does reservation require deposit?

Deposit is usally a 10-20% of total meeting cost - it depands on a reservation dates and its lenght, number of requests for that day, etc.

For some dates (New Years Eve, Christmas, Valentines Day) deposit would be slighty higher, 25%, and always obligatory, even if you are my regular client.


The amount of the deposit

I know, sometimes we all need to change our plans... Then if you have to cancel your booking, you can do so a the latest for a  48h before the planned date - your deposit will be moved to your next reservation, made within 3 months. Otherwise, deposit will be kept as a compensation.

In case it's me, who have to cancel our meeting, I will send you money back as soon as possible.

Cancellation rules

Usually, for our meeting you pay with cash when I come to your place (at the beginning).

However, if we are gonna meet for the first time, or if you have cancelled our date at the last minute in the past - your reservation will require a deposit.  

Once you made a reservation, you'll have 24h to pay a deposit and send me a confirmation (if needed) via e-mail.

Deposit and payments

How to pay a deposit:

- bank transfer

- PayPal (temporary unavailable)

- online shopping voucher  (Sephora, Net-a-Porter, Zalando etc.)