Deposit and payments

Tips and Gifts

Of course that I love reciving gifts and tips! You really don't even have to ask me, if you can get me anything.   I'll surely appreaciate that and remember about your generosity, when it comes to our next meeting.

How to gift/tip me:

- buy something fro m my wish list at WishTender  

Cancellation rules

I know that sometimes we all need to change our plans. If you'll have to cancel your booking, you can do it at latest for a 48h before the planned date - your deposit will be moved to your next reservation, made within 3 months. Otherwise, deposit will be kept as a compensation.

In case I have to cancel our meeting for some reason, I will send a deposit back to you as soon as possible (usually same day), or - if you prefer -  it will be moved to your next reservation.

The amount of deposit

Usually deposit amounts  30% of total meeting cost - it depands on reservation date and duration. Minimal amount is 400 PLN.

For some special dates (New Years Eve, Valentines Day, etc.) and services (PSE, FMTY) it may grow up to 50%, or even full advance payment.

Why does reservation require deposit?

Well, it is simply unfair to call off a date at the last moment. For me, it's  lost of time and money, and for some other client - possibility to meet me. I do my best to be in a perfect shape for you, and it takes time and effort to adjust your individual expectations.

Deposit also keeps away from me all the time wasters and scammers. 

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Tip: If you choosed a bank transfer for payment, best use an instant one to secure the date.

This is how you'll pay:

  • bank transfer

  • BLIK payment

  • Throne Gifts or WishTender wishlist, (WT is temporarily unavailable) - simply choose and buy a gift from the list (remember NOT to use in the description any words like "deposit", "payment", charge" etc. - your name will be enough)
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