19 April 2023

Is it a shame to pay for sex?

Sex is a natural human need and there are various ways of fulfilling it. One of them can be meeting an escort, which is still considered taboo in many societies. But is really paying for sex something that should be shameful or stigmatized? 


Is It A Shame To Pay For Sex?


Myth #1 Only desperate men pay for it 

Even if you can easily find someone on Tinder, you may still want to pay for sex. For example, when you expect to meet your needs precisely. It also happens that  certain desires cannot be fulfilled in a relationship, when people have specific fetishes or kinks that their partners are not comfortable with. Before hiring an escort you do the research, choose the right person, discuss your expectations.  This kind of talk  could feel  awkward when it comes to one-night stands with strangers.
The fact is that we live on the run these days. Some of us are too busy to search for a partner in traditional way or even using dating apps. Payed date can be the  easiest way to satisfy a person's emotional and sexual needs.


Myth #2 By paying for sex you're supporting human trafficking


Let's make it clear - it's a myth that sex work usually involves violence and is linked to a human trafficking.  In consensual sex work there is no coercion or force involved - simply two adults agree to exchange money for sexual services. Both parties are aware of what they are getting into. There is nothing wrong with it. 


Myth #3 Sex with an escort is undignifying and disgusting


It is commonly believed that only sex in a monogamous relationship is the right thing to do and sex workers with their clients are often stigmatized and marginalized by society. But in fact, having many  sexual partners or having sex for pure pleasure, without love, does not make you unworthy! Instead of judging escorts and those who pay for sex, we should focus on creating a society that respects the rights and dignity of all individuals.


Whatever the reason may be, it is important to remember that this is personal choice. And both sex workers and their clients deserve to be treated with respect. Paying the escort is not something that should be stigmatized or shamed - when it is consensual transaction between two adults, it can be safe and convenient form of sexual encounter.



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