08 May 2023

How to successfully set a date with an escort?

Are you interested in arranging a meeting with an escort, but don't know where to start? No worries. I've prepared for you a step-by-step instruction.


How to successfully set a date with an escort?


First read…


In fact, your most important work must be done before contacting the chosen one.

Perhaps some will be surprised, but the content in ads and the text on the website are not only used to fill the space next to the photos. Someone has put effort into writing them so that, apart from appearance, you can also assess a person's reality and credibility.

Additionally, you'll find prices, rules, and information there to help you decide whether you want to date or not.

So don't be surprised if the question you send about the offered service goes unanswered, and in the best case, you will receive an automatic message referring to the website.

No excuses! "I don't have time to read" won't pass. Show that you are an adult, independent person and that you respect other people's time and effort.


...then adjust the form of contact…


You have been trying to call her for three days, but you are still being sent to voicemail. You texted her for a week before her tour to your city, hoping that there would be a place in line for you this time... and nothing. You suddenly see on her Instagram post that she's available, so you immediately send a message... but still receive no response. "Oh, it's a pity," you think. "Someone has already applied…”.

What if I told you that the problem is elsewhere?

Be sure to check first what form of contact your escort prefers - this will help you avoid situation where response to your email comes a week after the date you inquired about. Each of us works a little differently, and while some may find it more convenient to reply to messages, others may only make appointments by phone. 

IMPORTANT: Never send booking requests via Instagram or OnlyFans - you will expose an escort to losing her account!


...and finally, write (while it is also important what and how you write)


Have you ever felt like an advertisement was fake after trying to contact an escort multiple times without receiving a reply? However, did your message look like one of the following?


"Are you avail?"

"What do you offer?"

"Tell me your address."

"How much?"

If so, you should definitely work on the style and content. There is a good chance that your chances of meeting your chosen one will increase.


The golden rules


At the beginning, say "hi" and introduce yourself (even if with a made-up name). You can also mention your age, as this is important information for many escorts.

As the next step, provide all the necessary details for arranging the meeting right away: when, where, what, and how. Don't make the escort drag them out from you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but first read informations that are already available on the website, such as a price list.


"Hi, I'm Paweł, 40 years old. I would like to invite you to a one-hour PSE meeting at Hotel X on October 10th at 8 pm (without any additional options)."

"Hi, my name is Tomek, 32 years old. I am passing through Warsaw and would like to visit you for 1-2 hours of GFE. Please let me know if and when you have time. Regards."


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