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Please note, that I don't meet every potencial client, that is writting men - and that's for my safety and comfort. I choose those men, who express themselfes politely and spent at least a minute to read informations I have posted here. All messages with questions about my: rates, provided services, photos, links to my profiles etc,  I'd simply ignore.

I prefer contact via SMS/Whatsapp/e-mail. I pick up the phone only if calling someone I already know, and I'm free to talk at the moment. If try to to book a first date with a phone call, or worse - with a video call, then please expect, that your chance to meet me goes down dramatically.

If you wanna make reservation for the next day, best don't contact me with an e-mail. I check my inbox usually only once-twice a day. Best way to get a quick response would be an SMS or Whatsapp.

Basically, always try to make your booking in advance (24h before is minumum), as I  always need  time to verify your reservation with deposit and prepare for the meeting, noting your preferences and special requests.



For the first-time contact, write me a message on Whatsapp, e-mail or simply use a contact form below.

Remember to book a meeting in advance  - best min 24h before. Otherwise, I may not be able to visit you, according to another booking or lack of time to prepare.

Don't start the conversation with  "Hi" or "Are you free?". It just doesn't looks good. Please, introduce yourself instead. Tell me:

  • your name, age, nationality, 
  • a day, time and place you wanna meet
  • what services and duration are you interested in
  •  your expectations, special requests, or any other important informations.

How to book your first meeting with me?

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Contact info

Write me on Whatsapp, send sms or e-mail. You can also send a message using the form beside.

 +48 501 132 673