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As it's not so obvious to everyone, lets make it clear - the meeting starts with my arrival, not from the moment we went into the bedroom :)

I know - time goes so fast... But please, do not overstay our date. If you want me to stay longer, simply ask if I have more time and pay in advance.

On the other hand, if there's still some time left, but you really need to go back to work, wanna prepare for the meeting or simply avoid the traffic - just tell me it's time to go. There's no need to feel sorry  about it.

PLEASE NOTE: I don't really like reciving money in public places, like restaurant or ATM. Then for dinner date, we always meet at your place first, to start with a small talk and  payment,   and then we can go get some food.

Time is money

There are some questions you should never ask me. Ever.

  • How much money do you make per...? Hope that you're not spending all that money for shoes?  Well... Even if I am  that's not your money, and not your business.

  • Why such a smart and pretty girl has to work like this?  Because she is pretty. And smart.

  • Are you doing something else, like studying?  But you have any plan B, right? How long are you going to live like that? Questions about the NORMAL life and the REAL job. 

  • How old are you? What is your real (but really real..) name? Do you live alone at your place? Do you have kids?  Or maby a  boyfriend? And if so - does he know? What does he think about your profession? ...Ughhh. Stop.

  • And the winner is: Would you let me to take you t for a  dinner or coffee tomorrow...  but you know,  privately?   Yeah... I've been waiting here for my whole escort life, just to let you steal me away and buy me a coffee... Anyway, why is it always heve to be coffee or food? What's wrong with holidays on yacht or Bora Bora?


Please, inform me about all the special requests - best while making a reservation. Especially DUO and A-level are not available on short notice!

...and your special requests

I really care for your discretion, as well as for mine.

Depending on the ocassion or your preference, I can come to you  dressed elegantly or  more casual - always sexy, but never provocative.

Discretion is essential

First of all, I won't meet every single man, who'll  declare his interest. There's no reason why I should force myself to anything - then keep in mind that having enough cash is only half the battle.

Who's my type?  Most probably a polite, well-groomed  men - best minimum 30yo  and up,  but it's not a must. 

Your look, height or weight doesn't matter too much, as I can appreciate the inner beauty enough. However, if you have any physical disability, please let me know about it instruct me, when there's anything I should, or shouldn't do.

And last, but not least - you cannot be in the middle of the party, drunk or drugged, behave loud and rude while we meet. I really select my clients, and will simply decide to leave the very first moment your behaviour gonna start make me feel uncomfortable.

My expectations...

First Things First - the Rules

Then if you've really get to the end, you may also would like to read my interview for

At the meeting, my focus is all on you, to fulfill all your physical and emotional needs, on the basis of mutual respect and knowing each others limits. Everything you will find here in my services, I've posted with conscious of what I would like to offer.