How to arrange your first meeting properly?


  1. If you contact me for the first time, write me a message or e-mail. 

  2. Remember to book a meeting in advance (min 24h). Otherwise, I may not be able to visit you, according to another boookings, lack of time to prepare or  verify your reservation  (here you can find more informations).

  3. Don't start the conversation with a messages like:  'Hi.' or 'Are you free?'. It's just doesn't look good. Please, introduce yourself instead (your name, age, nationality), tell me exactly a day, time and place you wanna meet me.

  4. Let me know also, what are your expectations and if it's gonna be a 1h meeting or an overnight stay.

  5. In some extremely rare situation, if you've made a short notice booking and there's not much time to send me a deposit, I'll still need to verify if you're in fact at the place you've said. No worries - I will explain you what to do and it gonna take just a minute.

As many girls who work independent - without an agency, I don't meet with my every potencial client.


The reason is my safety, as well as our mutual comfort. I pick those of you, who express themselfes politely and spent at least a minute to read informations I've posted on web. All messages with rates/photos/link to my profile/services I don't provide requests, I'd simply ignore.


Another important issue is when and in what form you're contacting me.


First of all, I prefer contact via SMS/Whatsapp/e-mail. I pick up the phone only if it's someone I aleready know calling and I'm free to talk at the moment. So if you're calling me to book a first date, or worse - you're doing it in the middle of the night or with a video call - expect, that your chance to meet me goes down dramatically...


When you are willing to meet me very soon, like in the evening same day - don't contact me with an e-mail. I check my inbox usually only twice a day, then best way to get a quick response would be an SMS or Whatsapp message.




Please, always try to make your booking in advance (min 24h), as I  always need  time to verify your reservarion with deposit and prepare for the meeting, noting your preferences and special requests. Thank you!

Marvelous Bettie Golden 

Personal Best Time Provider

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